Brainerd Minnesota Attractions

Do something in Brainerd and offer family fun and wonderful memories in one of Minnesota's most popular tourist destinations. Lakes recreation, swimming, boating and fishing are what attracts most visitors to Brinerd, Minnesota for a vacation.

Family activities can also be enjoyed, and with the many lakes and hiking trails, the opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing or just exploring the large forests are virtually limitless. If you fancy a little splash, make sure you check out the Brinerd River and Lake Park Trail System, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brainerd. The river, lake and park paths offer visitors the opportunity to swim, boating and fishing, as well as observe a variety of other activities.

The Northland Arboretum is part of the centrally located Brainerd Lakes network of paths, which is suitable for people with children of all ages.

There are two campgrounds and trails on the park's 320 acres, which wind through the town of Brainerd, the Northland Arboretum and Minnesota State Park. The most famous bike path is the first to be the longest in Minnesota, at nearly 120 miles. This asphalt bike path takes cyclists from the Crows Wing to the northern end of the park before heading south to the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge on the northern edge of Lake Superior.

If you're planning your Brainerd vacation, read our review and get vacation ideas from others who love the Braind Lakes region and read reviews from other travelers. The surrounding city has many great hotels, restaurants and attractions to help you make the most of your time here.

There are also many communities in the Brainerd Lakes area that can explore and learn about the history of the region. LACs are a great way to get to know culture, history and family, and there are also many ways to discover and explore many of these communities and preserve the colorful history in and around BrainerD.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Brainerd Lakes Areas offer so many activities to choose from that there will be something for everyone. One of the best ways to live in and around the BrainerD Lake District is to visit the two magnificent zoos, which are only within a 30-mile radius. This peaceful Minnesota State Park is quieter than other state parks as visitors seem to focus on the other attractions in the area. If you want to stay fit and healthy in retirement, there are plenty of hiking and cycling tours available, and the Brainer d Lakes Area gives you the feeling of being on the way to a healthy, active life, not just a long, boring one.

At the moment, dozens of resorts in the Brainerd Lakes region are being sold for generations, and families are eager buyers to join the Friday afternoon cab service that snakes 130 miles northwest of the Twin Cities. If you are in Braind, Minnesota, or any other holiday destination, you can imagine the traffic on the roads heading north over the weekend. There are two resorts on Lower Cullen Lake, but its central location is ideal for a short stay at one or more of these resorts, as well as for a weekend getaway.

Take the kids to Paul Bunyan Land, which is 6 miles east of Brainerd, or bike along the Paul Bunyan State Trail. As you drive down the newly renovated Riverside Drive, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the striking fall colors.

Experience some of the great ghost attractions and events Brainerd has to offer, or stay in a beautiful Minnestay vacation rental. Braind has a large number of great restaurants, hotels and attractions as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

Walk through the heart of Brainerd to Baxter and visit the flowers of the Northland Arboretum, or for a more relaxed time, visit one of the many trails of Braind, such as the Baxter Trail. Start the way on Interstate 94 and head east on Excelsior Road, one block north of the intersection, to the offices of Northlands Ar. Head north on the Eastside Trail, past the Bexar County Courthouse and Westside Park, then south to Northman Park and south to South Main Street to visit the North Landscape of Bloom and South Side Park.

Nearby Brainerd offers many fun family attractions that add a little togetherness and excitement to any gathering. Book a luxurious Braind, MN rental vehicle from Minnestay and enjoy an escape from northern Minnesota. Bringerd has a lot to offer for the whole family, from hiking, cycling, camping, fishing, hiking and camping to lakes and lake activities. We offer you and your family a great place to spend a relaxing, family-friendly fall vacation in North Minnesota.

Some of the more famous lakes in the Braind region, including Gull Lake and the popular resorts and restaurants in the area, are located in Brainerd, Minnestay, St. Paul and other parts of North Minnesota.

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